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    BlogWorld’s First Hydro and Solar floating Power Plant

    World’s First Hydro and Solar floating Power Plant

    In Portugal was installed the world’s first hydro-solar power station in the Alto Rabagão dam, in Montealegre. Combining a dam with a new photovoltaic system with 840 floating solar panels, with a capacity of 220 kilowatts. The project is pioneer and it was made to be scaled. For now it is small in order to be studied, but the idea is to increase and to replicate in other dams in Portugal in order to increase the production of energy by clean energy systems in the hours of more demand.

    The use of floating photovoltaic systems have many advantages. They have very little impact in nature since the water mirrors already exist and do not need to altered. The system does not ocupy areas that could by worked for agriculture purposes. The installation of the photovoltaic modules floating in water improves there efficiency due to cooling.

    The project is from EDP, Energias de Portugal, and was done by Ciel & Terre the leading company in floating photovoltaic systems with collaboration of Energia em Conserva an EPC company from Portugal.

    This has an huge impact in the world`s electric needs development and use of clean energy. Follow the article by HuffPost.



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